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Aromatic Herbs Virtues

Herbs are usually used as seasonings, adding herbs to foods, consistently and significantly, helps contribute to the intake of antioxidants from the diet.
 Antioxidants are compounds that reduce the damage caused by free radicals, molecules that would be involved in the onset of cardiovascular diseases, certain cancers and diseases related to aging. Some researchers have evaluated the antioxidant capacity of herbs ,Basil herb ,Parsley ,Mint and edible flowers  . Unanimously, they claim that fresh herbs have an antioxidant capacity sometimes even higher than some fruits and vegetables. This demonstrates that indeed, the regular addition of herbs in the diet contributes to the intake of antioxidants.
The main antioxidant found in basil herb leaves is rosmarinic acid ,it would act synergistically with vitamin A &E, which means that the combined antioxidant action of these two compounds would be greater than the addition of their individual antioxidant action. Other phenolic acids and flavonoids which possess antioxidant properties are also found in basil.
Antibacterial effect
A recent scientific study with basil essential oil demonstrated that he basil herb therefore the ability to increase the antibacterial activity .
Cardiovascular illnesses. The oxidation of circulating cholesterol in the blood (blood lipids) increases its atherogenicity, ie its ability to adhere to the arterial wall and reduce its elasticity and light blood vessels, where blood flows. This increases the risk of hypertension and blockage of the arteries by possible clots. Researchers have observed a decrease in lipid oxidation with a basil extract. The antioxidant effect of the basil extract was obtained at very low concentrations. The researchers also observed increased protection of liver and aorta cells against oxidation.
Diabetes. A study carried out made it possible to demonstrate the hypoglycemic potential of a basil extract. The researchers found that among the extracts of plants tested, basil had the biggest drop in blood sugar.
also good for skin hair and children illness.

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