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Virtues of Basil

Basil Face Wash oil:
Basil is a great cleansing agent because of its antiseptic,antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties. The antiseptic qualities will give your skin a great cleanse from outside bacteria ,treat acne and the anti-inflammatory properties will lessen the swelling and redness of current blemishes. Plus,this makes for a great morning cleanse because basil's scent hasstress-reducing qualities .

Hair Loss Treatment oil:
The best way to use basil oil for hair loss is to apply it oncea day directly onto your scalp. If you are a wash-n-go type beauty, this willbe ideal because you can apply an amount to your scalp while you shampoo orcondition and be able to rinse it out without worry of oil-buildup. Basil oilcan be used on dry or wet hair — apply a couple times a week to really startseeing results.

Multiples benefits of the Basil infusion (dry or fresh  leaves ):
Antioxidants - Vitamin A and C - Calcium - Phosphorus - Relieving Digestion - Anti Stress - Anti Spam - children illness -Caugh - Fever- Vomiting  -Headhack  - Throat pain - Kidneys stones- Mouth infection -mosquito bites  -stop smoking